Booking Through Thursday

In honor of Halloween this weekend:

What reading skeletons do you have in your closet? Books you’d be ashamed to let people know you love? Addiction to the worst kind of (fill in cheesy genre here)? Your old collection of Bobbsey Twin Mysteries lovingly stored behind your “grown-up” books? You get the picture … come on, confess!

I’ve got so many skeletons lurking in my closet, where to begin? Well, I have to admit that I like a historical romance every once and a while. Although there is some really amazing historical fiction out there, I gravitate towards something  little trashier. Something of the harlequin variety. You know what I’m talking about. The cover is all heaving bosoms and flowing hair. They usually involve a tenacious yet inexperienced heroine and a man who appears to be a bit of a rake to begin with, but that just hides his heart of gold. I have to admit that I’m not ashamed of my literary choice. I only wish the covers were a little different so the guys at work wouldn’t make fun of me!

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