Booking Through Thursday

Suggested by Barbara:

I’ve seen many bloggers say that what draws them to certain books or authors is good writing, and what causes them to stop reading a certain book or author is bad writing. What constitutes good writing and bad writing to you?

This is a question which definitely calls for some pondering. There are many facets to what constitutes good writing and what constitutes bad writing. For a book to have good writing it needs first of all to be grammatically and structurally correct. It probably goes without saying that if a book doesn’t follow the guidelines it can be practically unreadable. Beyond that, though, is up to interpretation. I think a book ought to be balanced. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve given up on a book, only to be told later that it picks up in the second half. A good premise is a must. A book can’t ride on its premise alone, however. Believable dialogue and a plot which keeps the reader interested both go towards the creation of a piece of literature which is not only readable, but is good.

As for what constitutes bad writing? Cardboard characters, unrealistic dialogue and an inability to make me believe in the world the author has created.

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